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Churches Merge

Triangle Church of Christ Congregational Service

Triangle Church of Christ Congregational Service

It was with a great deal of joy that the two sister congregations of the Triangle Church of Christ (Raleigh and Chapel Hill, NC) met together for their first service together as one church in some four years. While having been together occasionally in that span of time, it had been a rare occurrence. Recently, the idea to re-merge had been growing in the hearts of the leadership of both churches and the decision to “find a way” was announced at the close of last year.

Years ago, the church divided into two groups for convenience, as it is rather far to drive to Chapel Hill from Raleigh and Garner. Later, the arrangement became permanent as the churches formally separated somewhere around 2006. The unfortunate and unforeseen consequence of this move was to give the congregation the means to decide where they wanted to worship, leading to a gross misalignment of membership with nearly 75 percent of the combined membership favoring the “east side” church. Also, revealed in a sermon today entitled “Reconciliation” the arrangement gave Christians with a grudge against fellow church members a means to nurse their grudge by moving away rather than dealing with their disagreements. The church was admonished for this and encouraged to mend their disagreements and come together as one unified group again. Based on the mood in the church today, I’d say we’re well on our way to doing this.

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