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AMD vs Intel – and the winner is…

In the ongoing battle between Advanced Micro Devices and Intel, the clear winner in just about every category is Intel.  Beginning several years ago with the introduction of their “Core” series of processors and continuing unabated to today with their i7 line, their processors run circles around AMD’s best, reducing AMD to the mid-range sector of the processor spectrum.  Give witness to the 3D Mark Vantage High CPU Chart from tomshardware: 3D Mark Vantage High 2010 CPU Charts 3D Mark Vantage High 2010 CPU Charts

Newegg Customer Choice CPU Winners April 2010-2011

Newegg Customer Choice CPU Winners April 2010-2011

Eighteen Intel CPUs sit at the topmost slots in the chart before you even come to an AMD processor – and it’s their top dog at that – their “Black Edition” unlocked 3.3Ghz hexa-core monster called the 1100T. But for $230 you can get the best that AMD has to offer – and motherboards that support their technology are easily 50% cheaper than Intel-compatible motherboards making the whole arrangement a win win deal for consumers. And consumers are voting with their wallets, voting month after month that AMD has the best performance-per-dollar out there. The best indication of this is the popular electronics clearinghouse Newegg, whose customers elect monthly winners in various consumer electronics categories. And in the last year, only one Intel processor (the iT-930 quad-core) has been voted for any monthly customer choice award. Ironically, since I’m writing this post this month, March’s winner was the Intel Core i5-2500K. I do predict a shift in this award toward Intel with the release of their 2xxx-series processors, which are just all-around awesome (their prices are extremely reasonable and their performance is fantastic).


So before you write off AMD, remember they are quite capable of pulling a rabbit out of their hat at any time. They did it with the spinoff of Global Foundries, and acquisition of ATI, and the development of the Athlon 64 desktop processor. Here’s hoping Bulldozer is another such surprise.

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