May 2006

This is a shot from my concept level "Plains" for Psyonix Studios using Unreal Engine 3. My primary goal was to explore environments that were graphically different from the direction the development team was going - science fiction/space. To accomplish this, I created a road that curved around 2 mountains at varying grades (slopes) and crossed a river. The road is broken in spots, as is the bridge. Grappling hook spots would have been added, along with other physics puzzles given more time.

In the foreground you can see that the cobblestone terrain is bumpmapped - as long as the sunlight hits the surface at an angle, the texture will appear 3D. I had just enough time to get accustomed to the new Unreal Engine 3 toolset, research environment ideas, design new textures, and build this level before my internship at Psyonix was over.