level design

A New Direction

Back in the old days, level design for computer games was done in a text editor (and sometimes still is). Later on, WSIWYG editors were programmed in the early to mid 1990s to assist in the level design process. Very similar to architectural design programs, developers could create their environments in 2D orthographic views and see their creations rendered in 3D in real time. These programs were self-contained and most levels were begun and finished entirely inside them. In the early part of this century, computer game design began to draw ever more heavily on powerful modeling programs such as 3D Studio Max and Maya, spurred on by the ever-increasing complexity of computer game environments for modern games.

In 2005, I began using modeling programs to support my level design. This section will showcase some of my modeling efforts in the support of current level design projects. Quite often, these models and scenes require copious numbers of textures which must be "borrowed" from other games, adapted to suit my needs, or created from original internet or personally-shot image content. In the instances where textures I use are completely original, I will show them on the textures page.

Promontory Tunnel

April 2007 - I designed a tunnel that takes the player from the plains below, through a mountain and up to the top, emptying onto a steep mountain pass. Half way up, the side of the tunnel dissappears, broken away through years of erosion, exposing an abrupt cliff edge.

Nortaak Plains view from finished Promontory Tunnel

Notice how the edges between the two models (the actual tunnel and the mountain side) meet perfectly. This kind of accuracy can usually be obtained only through a professional modeling package like 3D Studio Max.

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Curved Overpass

May 2007 - This box-girder bridge was designed to span a collapsed mountain road in my UT2004 level Nortaak Plains

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Modeling Test

November 2006 - This is a scene comprised of 1500 polys, modeled and lit in 3DS Max v6. It uses 16 different textures.

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