Graphic Communications is an undergraduate major at North Carolina State University in the School of Technology Education. While it offers a non-teaching branch, its primary mission is to train men and women to teach animation, solid modeling, CAD, and a large variety of "shop" classes such as wood, metal, and print shops. This is the curriculum in a nutshell, but if you were to ask me, I'd reduce all that to a single phrase: The Curriculum of innovation.

Students in this program are constantly challenged with projects that stimulate the imagination and challenge one's ability to get the job done through any means necessary. I found myself performing a wide variety of tasks, from buying bars of steel to designing a flash animation for a presentation on the need to conserve energy. My projects could find me at my desk working with pencil and paper or on the computer, and still others required utilizing a drill press. Some days I was outside with my camera and other days inside, dressed in a leather vest, leather gloves, welding goggles, and a welding torch in hand.

Graphic Communications students are innovators. Backed by the professional society Epsilon Pi Tau Honor Society for Professions in Technology, you can expect us to be able to give a presentation in the morning and fix a leaky faucet in the afternoon while still attending to all our other duties.

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energy presentation