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Concept Design For Level Design Section, August 2006

This is the finished mockup of the Level Design section of my website, created first on paper and (above) in Photoshop (I currently use v7 for PC). Now that I have conceptualized the navigation system and integrated it into the design, I can now begin the Flash design phase. This phase should take me about a week if I were to work on it pretty steadily. As things stand with finishing school (last day is August 9) and looking for work, it will most certainly take longer. Some of the main tasks involved in such an undertaking like this are gathering all the images together and formatting them to be the proper size. I'm projecting there will be at least 70 different pictures in the level design section once this is done. This doesn't include future additions (the current modular design will allow for expansion as I continue to do future level design projects and add them to this page).

The beauty of my design is that it is capable of handling dozens and dozens of images in a compact, easy-to-navigate interface. I will be having people test it and adjusting it so it is very easy to use, so the mockup you see here is just something to get me started - though I do expect the overall look to not change that much.

HTML is text. Adobe Flash is (mostly) design. Just as game development isn't pure artistry, but hides a wicked technical underside with its dynamically lit real-time graphics, so Flash is living design over an actionscript endoskeleton*. That's what I love about it. If I wanted just art, I'd go paint a picture (and even paintings require layout and design, which themselves require a bit 'o math).

*In case you totally missed my spoof on Schwarzenegger, the Terminator is a "cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton."