The President's office (?)

The President's bookcase (?)

This is the office (image captured from a movie my Kodak camera took at 640x480 resolution). Breakroom - second door on the left :).

Epic's first game

The breakroom - the central hub of the whole show.

Most of the main men at Epic were present. Tim Sweeney made a cameo and then dissappeared. I know next to nothing of the man, but I have read a lot about John Carmack (In "Masters of Doom") and Tim strikes me as very similar to John (appearance, stature, and apparent shyness. Plus AFAIK he is the brains of Epic's game history.

Jeff Morris took over the UT2007 demo at the other end of the building. He was a fun guy, engaging and fun to talk to (after the demo was done). It was funny and frustrating at the same time that, during the demo, he had the volume cranked way up, which is fine, but he then attempted to play the demo while carrying on a running commentary at the top of his lungs. The demo went flawlessly, but his commentary was nearly inaudible over the booming audio of the demo.